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Winery Jareninski Dvor

Enjoy the combination of our premium wines with the unique cuisine of our chef Gregor Šagi.

Dveri Pax Vinothek


Let yourself be enchanted by the taste of our top wines and exceptional cuisine.
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Opening Hours

Mon – Wed                10 am – 6 pm

Thu – Sat                   10 am – 7 pm

Sun                            11 am – 5 pm

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You can also order our wines via email.
E: office@dveri-pax.com
T: +386 (0) 2 644 00 82

Wine tasting

Treat yourself to a tasting of our top wines! Our wine experts will take you on a journey through the unique flavors of our first-class wines.

Wine tasting - 4 tastings

7.00 € / person

Wine tasting of the fresh Benedict line. Varietal wines from our area are distinguished by their fruitiness, freshness and drinkability. A presentation of the Dveri-Pax wine cellar is included. Duration: about 40 min.

Wine tasting - 4 tastings and a guided tour of the wine cellar

9.00 € / person

Wine tasting of the fresh Benedict line and a tour of the wine cellar guided and presented by an expert. The wine cellar is one of the most modern in Slovenia and is located in a 200 year old and completely renovated building. Duration: about 1.5 hours.

Wine tasting - 5 tastings

9.00 € / person

Sparkling wine made according to the classic method and matured in champagne bottles for a long time. Two wines from the fresh Benedict line and two wines from the renowned Admund line. Wines from the Admund line come from our best vineyards. They mature in oak barrels and are only produced in exceptional vintages and in limited quantities. Duration: 1 hour

Wine tasting - 7 tastings

13.00 € / person

Sparkling wine, three wines from the fresh Benedict line, two wines from the Admund line and one predicate wine. The Furmint straw wine is made from natural grapes dried on the straw. It is characterized by its rich aroma, beautiful golden yellow color and a high residual sugar content. Duration: 1.5 hours.

1 tasting contains 50 ml wine / 20 ml predicate wine

Wine tasting snacks

What would a wine tasting be without matching, tasty snacks?

We offer delight to those who want to discover the secrets of the finest tasting culture in our wine cellar, now also with first-class snacks that can be enjoyed while tasting our top wines. The fine appetizers are enriched by the organic vegetables from our own castle garden.

Dveri Pax